April 2012


With an eventful session gone by, and after a short term break, the children of Delhi Public School Bikaner came back on the 2nd of April with renewed energy and vigour to begin a new session. Excitement and expectation could be seen on all their faces. Excitement to be in a new class and make new friends and expectation that the new session would be more fruitful than the last.
April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, were ‘ Get to know each other days’, whence the children came in coloured casuals and acquainted themselves and made friends with the new students who joined the school this session.
Saturday 21st April

Poster making Competition

“ It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet
It was a tryst with joy for the students and teachers when the students displayed their skills in drawing and colouring in the Poster making competition. With imaginations soaring high, the students created pieces of great art in the posters designed by them. The juniors recreated ‘Nature’ on their posters, the middle school brought home the most urgent need of the time through their ‘Save Fuel’, and the secondary section glorified their city Bikaner through their ‘My City Bikaner’ posters.
Saturday 28th April
Public Speaking competition
“Only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of the crowd.”
Adolf Hitler
And imprint indeed the children did their ideas on various topics, on the minds of the listeners with their eloquent speeches on different topics.
Class II- Topic- Educational value of travelling
Classes III & IV- Topic- Pleasures of reading books.
Classes V & VI- Topic- Laughter is the best medicine
Classes VII & VIII- Topic- Our Constitution
Classes IX & X Topic- Gandhi’s philosophy of life.
Science Activity class V
Health consciousness is the order of the day because of the sedentary life style that the present generation leads. To make the students aware of the benefits of a nutritious diet class V made charts on ‘Different types of nutrients and their sources’ as a science project.

Pre- Primary Section Report


Joining a new school or college can be quite intimidating even for us and it is more so for the tiny tots who are stepping into a school for the first time. So it becomes essential that they be welcomed in a manner that would not only elevate their fears but also make them comfortable in the new environment. With this objective in view the Pre- Primary wing teachers gave a warm welcome to the newly initiated on the 2nd of April, the first day of the new session. They presented a song and dance programme and also encouraged the children to join them. The students were given welcome cards painstakingly made by the teachers themselves to give that personal touch. The students felt at home and enjoyed themselves.
Baisakhi celebration
Vibrant colours of Punjab came alive on 13th April, Baisakhi Day with the children turning out in colourful clothes to celebrate this Festival of harvest and Punjabi New Year. To keep the children rooted to their culture they were explained the meaning and importance of the day.
It was followed by a small cultural programme to bring alive the joy de vivre of Punjab.

Akhshaya Tritya and Freshers welcome party.

sfe  DSC05132.JPG

On 21st April Akshay Tritya and Freshers welcome party was organised by the Pre- primary wing. Prep students gave a performance on ‘Patang Meri Udti’, which was followed by a Kalbelia Dance performance by class I students. Freshers were warmly welcomed and given an opportunity to explore their talent. Chocolates and gifts were distributed to the students to make the day memorable for them.



Talent Show – Prep – Class III

Feb 11,2012.
Each child is blessed with some inherent talent, the key lies in identifying and nurturing the same. With the above objective in mind, a talent competition was organized for the tiny tots of classes Prep - III.  Divided in two groups, Group A – Prep – Class I & Group B – Class II – III, the competition showcased budding talent in various fields.

Nurturing talent

The tiny tots presented a variety of performances including drawing & painting, poetry recitation,  storytelling, dance performances and enactments. While Anirudh Pandey of class III stole the show with his whistling act, a musical rendering of Mera Joota hai Japani, a mime performance based on female infanticide and a puppet show advocating the theme of Save water – Save the world proved to be an equally enriching experience.


Maha Shivratri  Celebrations

Feb 16,2012


Om Sarva Mangal Manglaye Shivay Sarvaarth Sadhike
Sharanye Tramambake Gauri Narayani Namostu Te
The assembly ground of DPS Bikaner resounded with the echoes of  Shiv aarti during the special assembly conducted to mark the occasion of Maha Shivratri . Students of Class II brought alive a scene from the snow clad mountains of Kailash with their enchanting enactment. Students from the Primary section put up a colourful presentation of devotional songs and dances. Shri Baldev Vyas  explained the importance of this day while Lavanya  of class II had the students enthralled with her story recitation based on an incident from Lord Shiva’s life.


 Parent Teacher Meet

Feb 18,2012

With SA-2 around the corner, it was recapitulating time for parents and teachers.  In a meaningful interaction, teachers updated and guided parents on issues related to their ward’s academic performance.

We wish the students all the very best for the upcoming SA-2 extending from March 12 – March 26, 2012.

Save the Girl Child Campaign

Feb 23,2012

Understanding social responsibilities and pledging support to sensitive issues concerning the society is an integral part of becoming a responsible citizen.  Save the Girl Child Campaign, organized by Dainik Bhaskar, in a bid to create awareness about female infanticide   saw an active participation by the students of DPS Bikaner.

Let’s make a better tomorrow.
Students took part in the rally and carried slogans advocating the rights of a girl child.

Science Exhibition

Feb 29,2012

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954

Our junior scientists of Pre Primary Wing set out on the journey called science and explored the world of nature, medicine, space, inventions and what not. The tiny tots explained the various facets of science from the life cycle of a butterfly to the concept of global warming with amazing understanding and clarity, leaving the guest and the parents deeply impressed.



Activities for the month of January 2012
The school reopened after a chilly winter break on Jan 06, 2012.

Visit to the Camel festival

Jan 9,2012
Students of classes IV to IX had an adventure filled day out at the famous Camel Festival organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, in Bikaner every year. Students got an opportunity to experience firsthand, a spectacle of unusual camel performances including camel races, camel dances and bumpy camel rides.

Enjoying the colours of desert.

Salad making activity – Nursery

Jan 12,2012
The tiny tots of the Nursery section were introduced to the concept of healthy eating habits through a Salad Making activity.

Social studies Activity – Class VI

Jan 12,2012
In an interactive exercise aimed at developing analytical thinking and presentation skills, Students of Class VI engaged in a thought provoking group discussion and presentation on “Life in villages”.

Experiential Learning.


Robotic lab activity

Jan 12,2012
A Robotic lab activity based on fractions was organized for class V.

Budding engineers of tomorrow.

Installation of Interactive white board (VAMA) for IV and VI

Jan 17,2012
Keeping pace with the latest developments in the educational technology, DPS Bikaner
updated their existing smart class installations by installing interactive white boards (VAMA) for classes IV & VI.

Extra marks conducted teacher’s training programme in two sessions, wherein teacher’s were explained the functioning of the system in depth to ensure maximum utilization of
the  same.

Combining education and technology

Session 1 was conducted on Jan 21, 2012.
Session 2 was conducted on Jan 28, 2012.


Social studies Activity – Class V

Jan 19,2012
Expressing their views in a logical and informative manner, students of class V A&B
spoke on the topic Medical technology during the public speaking activity conducted
as part of social studies activity.

Inter Class Public Speaking Competition

Jan 23, 2012.
An Inter class Public Speaking Competition organized for classes II & III, provided a great opportunity for the young students to display their oratory skills. It was heartening to watch the juniors speak confidently on the various aspects of Republic India.

Republic Day Celebrations

‘“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.”
- Max Mueller (German Scholar)
Immense pride accompanied by a deep sense of patriotism manifested itself during the Republic Day Celebrations as the students of DPS Bikaner presented a colourful cultural programme depicting the theme of unity in diversity. The programme included a performance by the Junior school orchestra ( Class II), the  senior school orchestra, group songs,  group dances and inspiring speeches
 Striking a musical chord

Colours of India

It was a befitting end to the Republic day celebrations as students planted saplings, in an attempt to create a greener tomorrow.

Go Green.

Basant Panchmi celebration

Jan 12,2012
Basant Panchami which marks the arrival of spring is also considered important for Saraswati poojan. DPS Bikaner celebrated Basant Panchami with a special assembly to mark the occassion. The programme started off with Saraswati poojan followed by a soulful rendering of Saraswati Vandana by students of Class V. The importance of the day was explained by Mr. Baldev Vyas.

Knowledge is Power
Worshiping the Goddess of Knowledge

Awards and Accolades

1.  The scholars of DPS Bikaner once again proved that success is 1% inspiration and 99% hard work. Heartiest congratulations to the winners of Aloha State Level Competition (Math).

  1. Mridul Damani                 - II A          - 1st position

  2. Madhuran Soni                 - II C          - 2nd position

  3. Somyajeet Rajpurohit      - III A        - 1st position

  4. Naman Gurawa                 - III B        - 3rd position

  5. Harshvardhan Dargar      - V A           - 1st position

  6. Divyajeet Rajpurohi         - V B            - 1st position

  7.  Dhiraj Bothra                 - II A          - 1st position

  8. Ishika Aggarwal              – VI             - 1st position 


Scholars of DPS Bikaner

2. Vinayak Gupta of Class IX made it to the Mega Audition round of Talent Hunt Competition organized by Face off Entertainment in Bikaner.

Visitors in school:

1.      Mr. Rajesh Bhakhar (Geography Lecturer) Environmental awareness VIII , IX
2.      Air force cadet Sanklap: Interactive session VII, VIII, IX Career guidance program.
3.      Sri Rameswar Lal Ji Bhutda (President of maheshwari samaj, Nokha)
4.      Mr. Sandip (Physics lecturer) from concept coaching institute, Career guidance   program
5.      Mrs. Mukherjee: Personality development classes for girls.


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